A WoW Strategy Guide – Levels at Aion at 3am

So you have finally made it through all the Aat level challenges and are now ready to take on level 3. You’ve battled your way from being a lowly village farmer to a respected warrior and everything in between. Now you are ready to take on the final challenge of the game, and the hardest part is just beginning. Don’t worry, help is at hand!


The first thing you’re going to want to do is visit your friends who are doing the same as you. Many people choose to do this because they like the experience and don’t want to hassle with doing it alone. The best thing to do is speak with other players who have gone through the tough part and ask what they did to help you. They will be glad to help, and many of them are going to give you some good inside information that can be very valuable aat level 2.


Once you speak with friends, make sure to visit a few of the cities they are in. You want to see if you can trade, get weapons, and even get armor. When doing so, you need to make sure you talk to the proper people, and go to the right places. Once you’ve completed the city, you can move onto the next city and continue the quest there. It’s important to go through every city you go in, because it will make leveling faster.


The next tip I have for you is to always keep an eye on your inventory and spend everything on something you’ll need later on. You are going to want to save money on equipment so you can level up faster and not have to buy more later on. Use your mounts when you can, and train your pets. Use your mount when going on quests, so you will be moving faster, and won’t be wasting stamina aat level 3.


Make sure you are using the Auction House to make money. Using it to help you level will help you out tremendously. You are going to need the money for all of the endgame items you will be finding as you go through Aion, and the Auction House will allow you to do that without having to go out and kill anyone. Use it to help you grind to level or use it to buy some potions and things you might need at a later stage.


These are the best Aion at level 3 tips you can get. Playing the game is simple enough, but when you’re going through the levels, it gets a little bit harder. If you are having trouble, I recommend reading a World of Warcraft Strategy Guide to give you some help. A good one will give you a good idea on which quests to do, where to find good weapons and armor, and help you level up in a fun way that won’t get you bored. Good luck!

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